If you’re LOOKING TO CRAFT A LIFE FULL OF MEMORIES & MEANING, I’m the photographer for you!

My husband and I are striving to build a life and a marriage that is full of INTENTIONALITY, meaning that we are seeking relationships, experiences, and things that ADD VALUE to our lives.

That also means that I want the same for you.

You see, I believe that love stories ought to be passed down again and again, long after we are no longer around to share them. That’s why heirlooms are so important to me—tangible elements that allow our families to experience our stories so they can tell them on their own.

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my approach to your wedding day



I have always thought that life should be simple. We live in a complicated world where distractions abound and stress is the norm. And while I can’t change that about your life, I can do something about your wedding day. I will simplify your day with well-crafted communication. Any photographer can stand back and capture your day, but not everyone can handle the stress of communicating with numbers of strangers on such a busy day.

With a master’s degree in strategic communication, I approach your day with a plan, and I execute that plan with precision and grace. Whether I’m using my director’s voice to gather all of your extended family or if I’m whispering prompts to you and your love through your romantic portraits, my communication skills are always in action to keep things running smoothly.


There’s a picture that drives my business forward—that inspires me to work harder and serve my clients better. It’s a picture of your great-granddaughter. She’s sitting on the floor of her living room with fabric swatches, lists, and too many empty coffee mugs spread out around her. Her eyes fall on your wedding album under a stack of numbered lists. She lifts it and runs her hand over the cover gently, wishing you were there to tell her what she should focus on first. She opens the album and smiles, recalling the stories that her grandmother shared about you and your marriage.

Those stories are your legacy—the legacy that we will begin crafting together with your wedding images. They are what really matter—to her, and to me.



From the mouth of my husband:

Amanda is a go-getter. When she sets her mind to something, she’s gonna follow through with it. She doesn’t just want to capture moments, she makes moments to capture. So she’s not waiting for a special moment to happen at your weddingshe’s gonna make sure that those perfect moments happen. For her, it’s not just about taking a picture and fulfilling a contract—it’s about making your wedding day the greatest day of your life.

What I think you should know:

I drink a cup of coffee every morning, but limit myself to that one cup on principle. So I usually take my time and savor the taste of my coffee.

I really love tacos—I could  eat them every day. I also love pottery, plants, books, and playing the ukulele.

I hate driving, but love road trips.

I tell my husband that I love him at least ten times per day, if not a hundred.

I value the time that I spend with people, which means that your wedding is precious to me. First, because it’s an honor to be part of creating your legacy. Second, because I never want to throw away an opportunity for a beautiful friendship.

I would be SO lost without God’s grace.

Current reading list?

Grace, Not Perfection
The Legend of Drizzt Series
The Meaning of Sunglasses
Peripheries and Center
The Poems of Edward Taylor
You and Me Forever

Latest Netflix binge?

Star Trek. The Good Place. Mr. Selfridge. And probably Parks and Recreation for the nth time.

Favorite movies?

Pride & Prejudice and Gladiator. I know, I know…it doesn’t make sense. On the musical side of movies, I’m loving The Greatest Showman and Coco. Also, anything with Benedict Cumberbatch…

a few more things



My dad is a first-generation American. Wow. The impact of that statement still gets me. He came to the States as a refugee during the Vietnam War, and the fact that he’s even alive is a miracle! His story is incredibly inspiring, and challenges me every day to work hard and be grateful. I honestly think that I get my entrepreneurial spirit from him.


I was born and bred Texan, and I am so proud of that! I know…it kinda confirms that the stereotypes about Texans are real, but I will always be loyal to my home state! Being Texan taught me to be a patriotic American! I hope to move back there someday, but for now…we wait. Photographing a Texas wedding is always a highlight for me, so where are you at, Texas brides??


My husband is an officer in the United States Army Reserves, and while I never imagined that I would marry a soldier, I’m so glad that I did. His integrity, work ethic, and care for his soldiers impresses me every day. As if I weren’t already so grateful to live in a free country, being married to a man in the military keeps me from ever taking it for granted. And I love that.

If you think that heirloom wedding photography is right for you, let’s get started!

Don’t spend another day overwhelmed by the number of options out there! I can’t wait to help you craft your legacy with heirloom wedding photography that will tell your love story for generations to come.

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Amanda is a fine art wedding photographer specializing in stress-free wedding days and high-end heirlooms that will tell your story for generations.

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