If you’re looking for imagery that is timeless and full of emotion,
I’m the photographer for you!

Inspired by God’s grace, artisan florals, classic literature, and a good breakfast, I am building a life that I love by preserving the world’s most beautiful love stories.

My favorite days are spent behind my camera, connecting with my sweet couples and their families, and capturing a love story that will be told for generations to come.

In a world where everything is instant and momentary, I serve my couples by providing imagery that will still be timeless after dozens of anniversaries. It is my honor to provide my couples with wedding photography and photography products that become family heirlooms–precious keepsakes that will be passed down again and again.

So let’s get started—because your love story deserves to be retold.

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Richard Allen Warren II

We’re total opposites, and he makes me complete.
We met in college, and on day one, I realized that he
clearly wasn’t interested in becoming friends AT ALL.
So I took it as a personal challenge to become his best
friend! It definitely wasn’t the easiest challenge I’ve
ever taken on, but obviously, it worked out pretty
well… 😉 I married UP, people!


You might already know this about me, but if every
night was Taco Tuesday, you would never hear me
complain about it. Chicken, beef, turkey, fish, veggie…
give me all the tacos! Taco Thursday and Taco Sunday
are a thing, right? Maybe I should start a movement.
I’m thinking Taco Week… Or Taco Month… June
seems like a good month for it! Too much…?

Playing the Uke

Ever since my brother-in-law introduced me to playing
the uke, I’ve been obsessed. Not that I’ve never made
music before—I’ve been playing the piano since I was
four, but he bought me a ukulele for Christmas, and I’ve
spent hours teaching myself chords and songs since
then. There’s nothing so wonderful as leading my own
daily worship services with my uke in my living room.

Pencils & Paint

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was eight years
old, and I can’t find anything else that speaks to me like
art does. It calms me. It puts me in a positive headspace.
And it truly lets my creative juices flow…right out onto
my canvas or paper! If you find my hands smudged with
charcoal or lead, or covered in paint, you can bet that I’m
feeling inspired.

Comfy Sweaters

The bigger, the better! There’s just nothing like an
oversized sweater so soft that it makes me swear I’ll
never take it off. For as much as I love getting dressed
up, a comfy sweater and socks can make me feel at
home anywhere. Which is saying something since I
hate cold weather and basically live for summer sunshine.

House Plants

Honestly, my plants are my babies—I rejoice when
they grow, and I literally worry when they show any
signs of being unhealthy. I have plants in almost every
room of our home, and love adding new ones, much
to my husbands chagrin. 🙂 I dream of having a small
greenhouse one day that can serve as an office and
portrait location!

Interior Design

My husband teases that every time he leaves for military
duty, I rearrange all the furniture in our apartment, but
really I just move all the decorations and experiment
with different ways to make our tiny space feel open
and inviting. 🙂 But Ricky and I really want to own our
own fixer upper someday–and then I’ll truly get to design
the home of our dreams!

Antique Books

Faded and yellowed pages, broken-in spines, notes in
the margins…there’s something dreamy about a book
that has been lived-in and loved. Especially if the
original owner signed and dated the inside cover.  I
really should know how many I own, but I stopped
counting after they no longer fit on my bookshelf or
on the WALL OF SHELVES my husband built for me.

Powerful Music

Whether I’m singing, humming, playing, or just
listening…my favorite songs are the ones that move
me to tears. I’m not the only one that’s cried while
playing the piano, right…? Warsaw Concerto,
anyone? Or maybe From Now On (from The
Greatest Showman)? Surely I’m not the only one
that has had to pull over because of a song on
the radio…

so here’s the story


circa 1998

Little Amanda had big dreams of growing up to become an artist, but was discouraged by her well-meaning father, because there were just too many starving artists out there. So I just kept art as a hobby. Sometimes I took pieces to competition, sometimes I won, but most of the time, I just wanted the creative outlet. By the time I was in high school, the idea of being an artist was just a funny story from my childhood–I had more “realistic” goals and wanted to get a job in political PR or corporate marketing.

circa 2014

I earned a bachelor’s degree and landed an office job as a marketing specialist. I didn’t realize it for a long time, but the creative aspects of my marketing job slowly drew me back to my desire to pursue art of some kind. During this time, Ricky proposed to me (great story, btw), and I began planning my wedding–starting with wedding photography. I came across a CreativeLIVE wedding photography class by accident, and I was hooked. I needed to be a wedding photographer, er–, I needed to get a camera… 😉

circa 2017

After hundreds of hours of education and practice, my photography business became a legal reality, and little Amanda’s dream of being an artist came true. I graduated with an MA in Strategic Communication and left my marketing job behind to pursue full-time photography. Since then, my calling has become so much clearer–to create heirloom imagery for my couples that will tell their story for generations, and to help other creatives pursue their own callings with the confidence that they can succeed.



What’s your motto?

Eat tacos. JK…I don’t really have one, but I do have a Scripture verse that keeps me going. Psalm 73:26 – My flesh and my heart faileth, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

Brides. Seems cliche, but bridal portraiture can be so life-giving—especially when the bride allows me to curate a lifestyle feel to her portraits.

Do you have a favorite photograph?

Yes—I have two actually. The first is a black and white photo of Ricky and I from our wedding day that hangs in a silver frame in our living room. Someday, when we have a fireplace, it will sit on our mantel. The second is also from our wedding day—a picture of my little sister and I dancing together. The joy connected with that memory is just overwhelming.

Greatest achievement?

Earning my master’s degree. I am the first one in my family to complete grad school. Starting my own business is next in line.

Favorite heroes in real life?

Corrie Ten Boom, Joni Eareckson Tada, my dad, and whoever invented tacos. Obviously.

Current reading list?

The Art of Work
Real Artists Don’t Starve
The Science of Getting Rich
Peripheries and Center
The Poems of Edward Taylor
You and Me Forever

Latest Netflix binge?

Star Trek Voyager. Nailed It. Merlin. And probably Parks and Recreation for the nth time.

Favorite movies?

Pride & Prejudice and Gladiator. I know, I know…it doesn’t make sense. If you really want an explanation, I’m happy to provide one–just prepare to meet the literature nerd in me… 😉

a few more things



My dad is a first-generation American. Wow. The impact of that statement still gets me. He came to the States as a refugee during the Vietnam War, and the fact that he’s even alive is a miracle! His story is incredibly inspiring, and challenges me every day to work hard and be grateful. I honestly think that I get my entrepreneurial spirit from him.


I was born and bred Texan, and I am so proud of that! I know…it kinda confirms that the stereotypes about Texans are real, but I will always be loyal to my home state! Being Texan taught me to be a patriotic American! I hope to move back there someday, but for now…we wait. Photographing a Texas wedding is always a highlight for me, so where are you at, Texas brides??


My husband is an officer in the United States Army Reserves, and while I never imagined that I would marry a soldier, I’m so glad that I did. His integrity, work ethic, and care for his soldiers impresses me every day. As if I weren’t already so grateful to live in a free country, being married to a man in the military keeps me from ever taking it for granted. And I love that.

my core values